Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade for Christmas

I had been hoping to get more handmade stuff done for Christmas this year but alas, it did not happen. I did get this made for my wonderful MIL DSC07776 Turquoise is definitely her color and I threw in a bit of green to mix it up. I think she liked it.
While I didn't make this night shirt for Jen, I did do the embroidery for it. DSC07755 It is a play on the whole "eating for two" thing. She's a sleeper so now she has an excuse to sleep!
And I made a few things for the wonderful office workers at the school DSC07758 DSC07757 I don't know what I would do without them and wanted to thank them. DSC07761The bag is for Julianne's teacher. I also made a little zipped tote for one of Nate's teacher but somehow missed getting a pic of that.
I have some other handmade gifts I still need to mail out (yes I know they are a bit late!) so I can't show them yet.
I had hopes of making Julianne a dress from "her" peace sign fabric but that hasn't happened yet and I also wanted to make a couple of overnight bags for the kids but you know the saying about best laid plans....
I did have a couple of custom orders I needed to do before Christmas. I got an order to embroider a couple of sheets DSC07751 DSC07749 I was a little nervous about these cause I hadn't done sheets before but they came out really good. I also had an order for another xtra large embroidered screen bag but I can't seem to find the photos for it. It was for a 13 y/o and it was a large screen bag with a matching zippered bag (for her toiletries) and a travel pillow for sleepovers.

Things are also picking up a bit on the Etsy shop. I had a couple of sales this month for the little girl screen bags and matching wallets. I have a bunch of stuff I still need to put in the shop ~ maybe tomorrow I will get a chance to do that. There will be some big girl screen bags along with the busy books, some new coasters and wallets.
I'm looking forward to business picking up in the new year ~ for all of us!

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Sandra :) said...

I am SO glad I'm not the only one with Christmas gifts yet to mail (let's not tell Lish, heehee!) - things got delayed when 2 books I ordered took forever to arrive by snail mail, so I totally lost steam. I still haven't gotten the boxes ready to go, even tho I have all the stuff to go in them. Sadly - it's 2 boxes but that's gifts for 6 people - OOOOPS!!!