Saturday, October 26, 2013

Merida's Adventures in Annapolis

So for Charlie's birthday last year, which was a Disney's "Brave" themed party, I got Charlie a Merida doll.  I also made Merida a few outfits.  I mean a girl has to have options, right?  It turned out to be a great gift for her and she loves dressing Merida up and I have continued to make her outfits throughout the year.

Well the family was meeting up in Annapolis, Md for the day, which is just about half way between Jen and I.  Of course Merida needed an appropriate outfit to wear for the outing so I made this (modeled here by Merida's friend Snow White)
Well, we had a great time in Annapolis.  Unfortunately some of us had a bit too much fun.  At first Merida was doing really well, stopping to smell the roses 
She loved climbing the trees 
She even made a new friend (who am I to judge her "friends")
But then we made a stop here... 
And maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let her have this...
But it was harmless enough  and kinda funny when she started doing stuff like this
Better watch your backside there.
But then when we weren't looking guess she was helping herself to this...
 And the next thing you know THIS is happening
 Now that can't be too safe, especially in her condition. And then she went really overboard with this little stunt
Fortunately the Annapolis police are very understanding... I think we should just let her sleep it off, don't you?
I think next time we take Merida on an outing we'll be watching her a little more closely.  You should take note however, she did not once loose her Tiarra.  Girls gotta have her priorities, right.


Sandra :) said...


I like it :)

Anonymous said...

Barb - sooooo funny!! LOVE the little blue crab dress, reminds me of our time in Ocean City. I need to introduce Merida to Flat Anna who went on a cruise with us and got in to all sorts of mischief in Cozumel :-)