Saturday, October 20, 2012

In a Teeny Tiny Town

So last week I actually did "take the road less traveled." I was on my way home from my favorite quilt store "Web Fabrics" in Purcellville and decided to take the smaller backroads instead of the highway I usually take.
I was a beautiful day for a drive and nestled in between Purcellville and Historic Leesburg is the tiny town of Hamilton, VA.

 Hamilton has a population of 528 and is a total of 192 acres ~ told you it was small. But it is not without merit.
Here's what I found in the Teeny Tiny Town....

 I found this great purple house all decked out for Halloween Here is a closer look at the sign   And speaking of signs, I saw this one outside the local real estate office Words to live by, doncha think?
 I also found this old Mason Lodge from 1873 It's empty now. It used to be Hamilton Lodge #37 back when Hamilton was a booming city, actually the second largest city in Loundoun county.

 Even more importantly I found more of the osage oranges I wrote about here and here. Although we no longer have spider crickets occupying the basement, I took more home just in case.
 And just so you know, it's definitely fall in Hamilton

So if this is what I find when I take the alternative route, I should do it more often and hopefully I'll always have my camera and note pad with me cause I never know what I'll find.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Just gorgeous!! I love taking back roads, and the historic ones are even better!

Linda said...

looking though different blogs , came upon yours.....and when you said about quilts , thought I would spent awhile got a friend in Pa...Linda