Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye

I really hate Goodbye's but I guess sometimes they are necessary in order to move forward. We loved living in Rockledge. We loved the Florida Sun....our house (especially the pool). The kids went to good schools and had good friends. We were close to family and friends. We were very comfortable with where we were. But it's time to move on...
DSC01824The packers came on the 21st of December. Three guys. They were supposed to be done in one day. It took one guy all day to pack just my sewing room. I think it was a combination of his slacking and the fact that my sewing room has a massive amount of stuff in it.
DSC01827One of the packers had to come back the next day and he packed while three other guys loaded the truck. Talk about a long day. The kids mostly stayed out with their friends while I "supervised" ie... made sure that everything got packed and loaded. I'm sure glad I did. I found kitchen drawers not packed, medicine cabinets not packed and they almost forgot all the stuff out on the patio.
In any case ~ packed and loaded and ready to say good-bye.DSC01823

Friends came to say so long DSCN1550
It was strange to see the house emptyDSCN1564
Sadie in the car and ready to go DSCN1568
Good bye to Dr. Badaloto(s) &  Dr. Baker ~ they are the best! You have taken great care of Richard and I DSC01820

Goodbye to Dr. Tebbe.  The kids will miss you. DSCN1534

Goodbye to our neighborhood Walgreens. It was within walking distance and always where we stopped to get movie candy before heading to the theatre DSCN1584

And probably the last time we will get on I95 here DSCN1585 Thanks Julz for documenting these!

Goodbye to Ralph Williams Elementary

Goodbye to McNair Middle
Goodbye to the City of Rockledge ~ we loved living there. 

Most importantly to all of our friends we leave behind ~ we will miss you the most!


Nancy said...

Oh my gosh... packing the sewing room! He must have nearly keeled over with surprise at all the things we sewers have at hand! Hope your kids love their new school, and all of you love your new location as much as you did FL.

Sandra :) said...

Oh my I just about had a heart attack when I read the "time to say goodbye" title - it took me a second to realize you weren't saying goodbye to blogland, you were saying goodbye to Rockledge!

Your post made me sniffly - I bet it made you sniffly to write it!