Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got lucky....

Again, mind out of the gutter people... (Sandra you know who I'm talking to!).

I won a give-away! It was not just any give away either. It is this beautiful hand made Scandinavian Matryoshkas doll. The giver was non other than Bari J Ackerman. If you don't know her or her blog, you are really missing out. Go check her out here. She's one incredible woman. She's got some beautiful patterns using the most luscious fabrics. Visiting her blog is always a treat.

The doll was actually made by Emily over at Ravenhill. She's does amazing stuff. If you'd like one of your own, they are available at her Etsy shop here.

In any case, I love love love this doll. Julianne thinks she's getting it ~ but there is NO WAY! It's mine... all mine!


Sandra :) said...

*blinks oh so innocently* ;)

Congratulations on your win - the doll is gorgeous!!

Staci said...

wow, that is so cool and unique! congrats on your win! :-)

Ravenhill said...

Hi! So glad you like her! :)
~hugs from Emily