Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a few more sewing projects

I have done a few more sewing projects lately. I got my hands on some really fun "fruit ladies" fabric so when I went to Tampa last month to sew with my pals I had precut the fabric and lining to make some of these little zipper totes. My friends were working on other stuff and I just kept on working while we chatted ~ all the while they were cracking up over my "projects." They were definitely surprised at the end of the night when I gave each of them one of the bags, which was my plan all along. The last bag shown here got sent to my very bestest friend MaryAnn. It's so something we would send each other and gave her and her family a good chuckle.
DSC07102 and the back DSC07103 I still have a bit more of this fabric so I'll have to find something else fun to make with it.
Funny story, the next day after our get together at the quilt shop ~ I was still in Tampa with MC and we were "visiting" a few more shops and the owner of the shop from the previous night called MC to ask me where she could get some of that fabric! My husband always said that I have so much fabric that the shops call me when they need fabric. I laughed it off at the time but so far, it's happened twice now!

Anyway, I also made this screen bag DSC07107 It's for a friend of my MIL's to thank her. She owns the Mexican restaurant that we took my MIL to for her birthday and at the end of the night she ripped up the entire bill. She's a real sweetie.

I have done a couple of other quilt tops that I'm actually thinking of putting on the Etsy shop but I need to get them quilted first.

Hope you are taking the time to do something you love, whether it's sewing or reading or just taking a bit of time for yourself.


Monnik said...

I LOVE the fruit ladies. How cute! So sweet of you to give those bags to your friends, and the gift for the woman who owns the restaurant is great too.

Sandra :) said...

Isn't that fruit ladies fabric a HOOT??!?!? I've made zipper bags with it too - they were a big hit! Your screen bag is great too - your projects are so wonderful with those wonderful fabrics!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That fruit ladies fabric is awesome!! I'd love a purse out of that, can you imagine the comments you'd get?

Janine said...

I like your ladies fabric, it's so funny. So ciuld you tell me please, where I can find it because I could purchase it from my French island.
My mail is
Thanks for your answer