Thursday, November 21, 2013

Somewhere Between Fall and Winter

It's the time of the year when Fall is ending and Winter is just beginning. Some of the trees are still in full bloom while others have completely lost their leaves, ready for the cold air to invade our area.

This is the view from the window in the family room. Like the leaves on the trees, I feel I have a foot in both seasons in so many ways. I have been doing craft fairs the last 3 weeks. Some call themselves "Fall Festivals" while others are labeled as "Holiday Fairs."

The stores, of course, have holiday decorations up, as do most of the cities and towns in the area. The weather changes on a daily basis. I've put the shorts and flip-flops away (always a sad thing) and yet can't completely get behind bundling up. When I can get away with capris, I still do, and sleeveless shirts still work with light sweaters over them.

In my mind, I am preparing for the cold months ahead. Looking forward to snow, yet dreading the icy cold wind and rain. They say it should be a harsh winter in terms of snow. I like snow days when I have nowhere to go ~ when I can look out the windows and everything is white ~ a real winter wonderland. On days like this, the family is all home, safe and sound. We can put on a movie, pop some popcorn. Hot chocolate is most definitely called for. Soups and stews for dinner are delicious.

I need to stop and appreciate the beautiful colors of fall and the crisp air. Appreciate the now while it is here. Live in the present and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

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